Higher Education Rhetoric/Composition Teaching

Sharing support materials for teaching writing online

As WAC director, I’ve been putting materials together internally on our CMS to aid instructors and faculty in this transition. Along the way I’ve been adding stuff into the site that I’ve seen shared by others. With that thought in mind, I’ve set up a page on this website where I am posting the support materials I’m creating. You’ll see I’ve been experimenting with a genre that Nancy Duarte calls slide docs. I’d love to hear what you think of that genre (and what I’ve done with it content-wise). They aren’t as well designed as I’d like but time is of the essence.

Also, I’d appreciate knowing what (and how) you’re doing, especially if you have anything that could help our colleagues. I’d estimate there are more than 4000 students at UB who are finding themselves in online general education writing courses (either FYC or WAC), and that’s just a tiny fraction of what is happening across the country and around the world.

In all this my basic aim is not to create one more thing instructors have to do or check, but instead to make their jobs/lives (and those of their students) a little easier/better in a modest way.

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