on the decision to teach online in the fall

In the end, when it came down to it, the decision to teach online in the fall was not hard. Many of my colleagues teach courses that cannot be successful without some in-person element (e.g. science labs, theater and dance, filmmaking, many others). Other classes may need to be in-person because they are important for... Continue Reading →

planning an a/synchronous class for the fall

At Buffalo we received some guidance yesterday on our campus plan for the fall. It is similar to those proposed elsewhere. There is a commitment to being "place-based." Courses that really require in-person activities in order to work, graduate courses that "support UB's research mission," and courses that support undergraduate recruitment and retention (e.g., first-year... Continue Reading →

advice for the unplanned online class

UB, like many universities, is preparing to take all its classes online in short notice. Some schools have already made that choice as you know. Our Spring Break is next week so I imagine we'll know a lot more before school starts up again on the 23rd. I'm sure everyone is getting tons of advice... Continue Reading →

who wants to “own” writing?

There's this old Steven Wright line that goes something like, "I used to say I wanted to own the world but then I wondered 'where would I put it all?'" That seems apropos here. To clarify, in higher ed circles the idiom "to own writing" would appear to mean claiming sole disciplinary-intellectual authority and control... Continue Reading →


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