Film Mobile Technology Rhetoric/Composition

2012 composition

So I’m tapping away on my iPhone to see if I can have the will to publish something substantive this way. I suppose it’s like any interface. It requires practice. And yet there would seem to be physical constraints as well: fat thumbs.

But I digress. Perhaps this is the compositional mode of the future (or at least one mode). Arguably it is the dominant mode of textual communication already with trillions of text messages sent each year, to say nothing of IM, tweets, etc. Perhaps we might say there’s little of substance here, but if that’s the case then it’s a whole lotta nuthin’! Intimate relationships are born, maintained, and ended this way. Business deals are made everyday. And political movements operate through these little keyboards and handheld devices. The bottom line is that there are billions of these machines lying around, and as William Gibson said, the street finds its uses for these things.

#plaa{position:absolute;clip:rect(417px,auto, auto,417px);}

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