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fall semester planning

As the semester starts, I’ve really got to start planning what I’m going to do with me time this semester. I’m on sabbatical in the spring (and there was much rejoicing). I plan on hitting some conferences, writing an article, and putting together a book proposal. I just finished writing one article over the summer and had the book come up, so I’m at the start up point of another research cycle I guess.

On campus, right now we’re in the midst of several things.

  • Just revised our curriculum and that’s going through final approval. We reduced the number of required courses, making the program more flexible.
  • Added several new courses and shifted some prerequisites. The curriculum process is ongoing, but I’m going to let someone else spearhead that this year, since I won’t be around much in the spring.
  • Revising our FYC program. That’s going to be a major project, and I’m on that committee.
  • Piloting Second Life.
  • Proposing a new graduate program in Digital Media Studies with Art and Communications. Though that’s just in the early stages right now, I’m hoping to jump start it and see if the proposal has legs or not.
  • Writing grants for our NeoVox project.

That should be enough for this semester. I hoping to just germinate some ideas for research and then formulate some real plans in November so that I can hit the ground running once the semester ends.

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