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The Two Virtuals has arrived!

I’m very happy to announce that my book, The Two Virtuals: New Media and Composition, is now available from Parlor Press. My thanks to Byron Hawk, David Blakesley, Marc Santos, and many others who supported my along the way.

Here’s the book description from the Parlor Press website.

In The Two Virtuals, Alex Reid shows that to understand the
relationship between our traditional, humanistic realm of thought,
subjectivity, and writing and the emerging virtual space of networked
media, we need to recognize the common material space they share. The
book investigates this shared space through a study of two, related
conceptions of the virtual. The first virtual is quite familiar; it is
the virtual reality produced by modern computing and networks. The
second, less familiar, virtual comes from philosophy. It lies in the
periphery of more familiar postmodern concepts, such as deconstruction,
the rhizome, and simulation. In drawing the connection between the two

virtuals of philosophy and networked media, Reid draws upon research in
computers and writing, rhetoric and composition, new media studies,
postmodern and critical theory, psychology, economics, anthropology,
and robotics.


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