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NEMLA Multimodal Composition Panel: Call for Proposals

I’m chairing a panel for the NorthEast MLA, which will be held April 10-13, 2008 in Buffalo, NY. Yes, it is painfully close CCCC, which is even later than usual this year, ending April 5. However I think NEMLA might be a good venue for sharing your research with colleagues across English Studies.

Multimodal isn’t exactly my favorite term. I was recruited to chair the panel, so I decided to let the title stand. I would prefer "networked composition," I think, but I’m not sure the conference goers would know what that meant. The call is fairly generic. I’m really looking for anything that deals with computers and writing. The main thing is to think about who your audience is going to be. This is a great opportunity, I think, to consider how you would explain what you do to your average English department colleague, or if you’re a graduate student or otherwise on the job market, how you might explain your work during a campus visit.

  • What does it mean to study multimodal (networked) composition?
  • What are the challenges of teaching students these compositional practices, in terms of an individual classroom or across a program or more broadly?
  • What kinds of research are associated with networked composition and what might result from that research?

If your interested, e-mail me (reida at cortland dot edu) about it or just send me a 2-300 word proposal by October 1st.


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