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iTunes U at SUNY Cortland

Chris Widdall and I recently did a webinar for the SUNY Training Center on iTunes U at SUNY Cortland. There were a number of questions about the basic functioning of iTunes U. I’ve also gotten some questions about this from other folks on our campus.

As such I’ve created this brief screencast demonstrating how iTunes U works. The video is 640X480, which allows you to see the iTunes application fairly well, but it does mean it won’t fit here on this page. As such you can follow the link to watch the clip.


One reply on “iTunes U at SUNY Cortland”

Alex, thank you very much. This was extremely helpful. I sent the link to the video to several faculty and administrators. I am the Director of Distance Learning at FIT and we stalled at the level of the iTunesU contract. So, I have had no idea what this really looked like and as a result it has been hard to explain the benefits to colleagues.
We are working on an iPod pilot at FIT — perhaps we can share strategies. We have students creating the content.


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