Virtual/Academic: The Campus as Informational Space

I’ve moved my video off the front page so it isn’t constantly loading everytime you visit the page, but you can still check it out.

3 thoughts on “Virtual/Academic: The Campus as Informational Space

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  1. A, great podcast. It starts out strong but then fades. It may be my sound option…no speakers in addition to what’s in the laptop…any advice to turn up the sound? Thanks! Karen


  2. Thanks Karen. Sorry about your sound problems. I’m not sure how to fix them. It may be that the sound will improve later in the piece. One of the things I learned in this, my first attempt at a project like this, is that I need a better microphone for the video segements. You really can’t use the microphone on the camera. I kinda knew that but did it anyway b/c I didn’t have anything else available.


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