Internet Invention

The more I read of Ulmer’s Internet Invention, the more fascinated I become. It will be a difficult text, a challenging text, for students…I think it would be challenging for many of my colleagues as well in its use of post-structuralist theory. But the point is not really for the students to understand Derrida or Barthes or Deleuze. These texts serve as a relay, as a means for conducting a new mode of thought. In any case, I’ve begun to put some of the pieces of my widesite together in my head. My career discourse centers on the May 1968 student strikes that were so influential upon contemporary philosophy. My family discourse marks my move from England to N.J. and from my father’s world to my mother’s. My entertainment discourse addresses Pink Floyd, whose work was so important for me as a teen. I think I came so easily to postmodern theory in graduate school b/c so much of it fit well with the lessons I had taken from Pink Floyd about war, fascism, capitalism, education, sexuality, the unconscious, technology, and so on

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