iPhone University?

As reported on AppleInsider and elsewhere, Apple has launched a new program, much like the existing iTunes U with pilots at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, and Abilene Christian University (yes, I know, cue the one of these things is not like the others music). One of the primary differences of the iPhone and iPod Touch... Continue Reading →

spreading iTunes U

We've had iTunes U at Cortland for three semesters now, and its use has grown slowly. There are a number of local reasons for that. The primary interest in iTunes U at Cortland has been from faculty like myself who are interested in having their students produce audio or video podcasts and share those podcasts... Continue Reading →

what an online learning system requires

I was reading Michael Feldstein's brief postmortem on his experiences with the SUNY Learning Network and why SLN ultimately decided to move to Angel. As I understand, in a non-technical way, the LMOS project Feldstein and his colleagues were pursuing, the idea was a modular, standards-based approach to online learning. This strikes me as the... Continue Reading →

learning from teaching online

I've been teaching Writing in Cyberspace and Academic Writing online this semester and using iTunes U. Using iTunes U has obviously got me thinking about video and audio I can create for my courses, as well as media my students can produce and share. The obvious first impluse is as a teacher is that you're... Continue Reading →

mobility matters

Is it any surprise that education struggles to adapt to the implications of mobile networks? After all, we work in an environment where many of our colleagues complain if desks are moved out of their "proper" alignment in rows. Just as moving desks into a big circle or rearranging them in small groups creates different... Continue Reading →

ANT's marching

I've been thinking about Actor-Network Theory in relation to both my teaching and research surrounding iTunes University (iTunes U being a recognizable starting point for the larger subjects of networked media pedagogy and new media rhetoric). In my Writing in Cyberspace class, we've been focusing so far on mobile technologies (via Rheingold's Smart Mobs, which... Continue Reading →

promise of podcasting

On Thursday I'll be presenting with my colleagues, Chuck and Paul, about our experience with iTunes University last semester. It's part of the opening college meeting for this semester. We have 15 minutes, so it will be brief (thankfully). I'm taking the last leg of the presentation, and I'll be talking about how what we've... Continue Reading →

iPhone, iTunes University, and Higher Education

No doubt you've already seen all the news surrounding the announcement of Apple's iPhone. As is to be expected, there are varying opinions over what impact iPhone will have, as well as its relative merits as piece of new technology. I'm thinking particularly about implications in education, especially for iTunes U. Clearly the immediate impact... Continue Reading →

iTunes U at SUNY Cortland

Chris Widdall and I recently did a webinar for the SUNY Training Center on iTunes U at SUNY Cortland. There were a number of questions about the basic functioning of iTunes U. I've also gotten some questions about this from other folks on our campus.comparison of interest rates for personal loans As such I've created... Continue Reading →


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