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media theory and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

For the American sports fan, the instant replay is a familiar feature of our viewing experience. The use of replays in the NFL actually goes back to 1986 and has been steadily employed for 20 years. I think it’s about the same for the NBA and even MLB has used it for a decade to […]

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Blade Runner 2049 and electrate film criticsm

Blade Runner 2049┬áis a film that has generated some divided criticism. To borrow from the comedian Mitch Hedberg’s story about his experiences in a band: “Some people loved us. Some people hated us. Some people thought we were ok.” And really what more is there to say about aesthetic judgment after the fact? Describing the […]

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avatar: exposure, immersion, becoming

So to dispense with the critique of dismissal, yes, you could say Avatar is Dances with Wolves in 3-D, or any other narrative of the imperialist-gone-native with the beautiful native informant love interest. In face, one can go back to the Crusades to find Knights Templar "going native." More interestingly though, one can situate that familiar narrative […]

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2012 composition

So I’m tapping away on my iPhone to see if I can have the will to publish something substantive this way. I suppose it’s like any interface. It requires practice. And yet there would seem to be physical constraints as well: fat thumbs. guaranteed cash loans But I digress. Perhaps this is the compositional mode […]