the future of the magazine? or the textbook?

In this YouTube video, the WonderFactory and Time present the "future of the magazine" (including more interactive advertisements, oh goody). Hmmm…. I wonder if the future of Sports Illustrated (the magazine) is not unlike the current Sports Illustrated (the website)? Sure the imagined interactivity of this video (which, btw, also appears to imagine a device which does not yet exist on which it will be delivered) is somewhat different from that of a web page. However one interesting thing I noticed is that if you want a reader/user to have this capacity to switch around between these various views of the content, then you probably need to limit the overall amount of content. E.g., here are the dozen articles in "this week's issue."

Maybe that works, but maybe its just carrying over an unnecessary limitation from the world of print. I wonder what happens, hypothetically, to my year's collection of these issues. Do I have to look through them one at a time? Or do I get a different view that lets me organize/search all that content? I also wonder about user interactivity. Sports readers love to comment on all those articles on ESPN or SI. Will that happen here?

I don't know if this is the future of the magazine, but it certainly looks like one potential future for the textbook. The main question I would have there would be cost.

Anyway, it's a provocative video.

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