Mobile Technology

iPhone musings

I’ve been carrying around the new iPhone for about 2.5 weeks now. So here’s what I have and haven’t done with it.

  1. I have used it to stay in connection with my online summer course. Since the course is only five weeks (ending today), it’s been fairly intense. Being able to keep up with what’s going on has made it easier for me to do other things, even if it means that I don’t have to get on the computer every couple hours to check on business. That’s been useful.
  2. Being connected to a serviceable internet is surprisingly useful. Whether its a matter of checking weather or getting directions or finding some local business. I’m sure all those also works better in more urban locales. I still find myself often in Edge service areas and there’s just not a lot of social/ user-participation data out here in the sticks. As such I could see how this could be more useful.
  3. Here are the applications I have used:
    • Weather Bug: having radar has been great with the many summer thunderstorms of central NY.
    • Pandoara/ these music services work pretty well, especially with wi-fi. Since I’m always shuffling my iPod playlists anyway, I’ve gotten into listening to these customizable radio stations.
    • Google: obviously, but you can also search your contact list
    • AOL Radio: haven’t used it too much yet, but you can tune into a couple hundred radio station feeds.
    • EccoNote: just downloaded this one. It allows you to record voice memos. They are promising that in a later version, you’ll be able to e-mail it to yourself.
    • Nearby/Where/YPmobile: these are various ways of finding location-based information. I imagine these work better in more information-rich areas than Syracuse. Still YPmobile works fairly well for me
    • NYTimes/Mobile News: these are both good news feeds.
    • Typepad: it works well. My main issue is whether or not I want to be tapping out blog posts on the iPhone. Maybe short ones. As I said in an earlier post, it would be cool if you could quickly record and post an audio podcast.
    • Twitterific: works just as you would expect it to and I use it regularly to tweet.
    • Pownce, Facebook: I use these less but they seem to do the job as well.
    • Jott and Evernote: Still seeing if these are things I’ll actually use. The Jott application seems limited to 15 seconds. If you call into Jott you can get more time, plus you can also send your Jotts to Typepad, which is kinda cool, I guess.
  4. As for the built-in apps, I use the iPod all the time. I’ve also been using the Camera, which is better than the one I had on my old camera, except…. you can’t do video (unless you jailbreak the phone). I might do that down the road. I’d like to be able to do a simple little video, upload it to YouTube and quick put it on my blog or ning site.
  5. And finally I have been doing a trial version of Mobile Me. The push e-mail feature seems to work fairly well, although not as well as I would expect (it doesn’t always seem to push). I like the syncing feature, the file sharing, and the back to my mac thing. But I’m not sure it’s worth $99/yr. We’ll see.