digital rhetoric

PraxisWiki and you… yes, you!

We are looking to relaunch Kairos’ PraxisWiki. Here’s the idea. If you are teaching a graduate course addressing computers and writing, or if you are a grad student in such a course, then PraxisWiki is for you. The idea is to open accounts for faculty and graduate students in our field to compose the wiki as part of curriculum.

This is a solution for getting around the problem that wiki collaboration doesn’t really work as a model of scholarly work right now, making it hard to attract users to do this work as scholarship.

Of course we view participation in the PraxisWiki as valuable, intellectual work. Not only could it be a useful contribution of knowledge for the tens of thousands of writing instructors who increasingly must incorporate technology into their teaching, it is also a contribution to the important intellectual work of opening our understanding of what counts as scholarship. Right now I could see the wiki including things like

  • reviews of articles/books
  • reviews of technology and applications
  • key terms/concepts
  • syllabi, assignments, rubrics, and other pedagogy material
  • history of computers and writing

But what do I know? It’s your wiki (or could be), you figure out what belongs there! Leave a comment or drop me an e-mail if you’re curious.