How 'bout that? (edited)

How about that? So I’m not sure exactly how much time that was before it decided that it was going to cut me off. Yeah, so I guess I’ll have to look online and see what the length it is in terms of how long a Jott can be. [Turns out to be 30 seconds I believe.] But that broke me off in mid sentence of what I was going to say.  If you’re using this for blogging, you’d obviously want to send a fairly short message. I’m not sure how that will work for me, because I always write longer things, even if they’re not necessarily all that well revised or anything like that. So okay, and I guess we’ll see what I want to do with this. And keep trying it, and find out what happens. listen

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Afterword: so from my perspective I certainly wouldn’t use Jott to do the kinds of blogging I normally do. That shouldn’t be surprising: different technology, different compositional context/practice, different result. The Jott blog post will need to be short. Even these start to get fairly garbled. Usually a short blog post would include link. I’m not sure how I’d do that in Jott. If I figure it out, I’ll post about it.

Assuming I won’t be linking in a short Jott blog post, I’ll need to figure out a new genre for myself. Some witty aphorisms perhaps… maybe not.


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