All roads lead (eventually) to Athens

How do you get from Syracuse, NY to the Computers and Writing conference in Athens, GA?

  1. Drive to Buffalo (2.5 hrs). Yes Syracuse has an airport, but it’s really more like a mid-air mugging. Hancock is the 21st most expensive airport in the nation. Buffalo however is among the cheapest. Try half the cost. Also I could fly non-stop to Atlanta in a little over 2 hours. Flights from SYR required connections, which are always a crap shoot anyway. In short, it was both faster AND cheaper to drive to Buffalo.
  2. Fly to Atlanta. (2hrs) That worked out ok. Same deal here in terms of not flying into Athens. Too expensive, too long, too many connections.
  3. Rent-a-car. This was the cool part b/c I ended up with a Prius. It took about ten minutes and the help of two Avis employees to figure out how to get the damn thing started (simple once you know how but there was no manual in the car). I lived in Atlanta for two years, so it was nice to see it again, if only from the I-85 corridor. Google maps says 1.5 hours to Athens, but it was certainly more like 2+ with the traffic. Will keep that in mind for the ride back.

All told, I left home a little before 8am and was in my hotel a little before 5pm. Went to Grit for dinner. It was good, though I was starving; anything would have been good.

Tomorrow Kairos workshop.

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