digital rhetoric

The potential of video commenting (when I get it working)

OK still not working, but I’ll figure it out eventually.

Now here’s the thing. There’s a recent post in Mashable about this–do people really want to make video comments? I’m not sure. It’s a new thing, so maybe it will take some getting used to no doubt.

There’s a good point about how its more efficient to read text comments, though obviously video comments have the potential to create a better sense of personal connection. As such, it depends somewhat on the kind of blog you have. If it’s a personal blog with mostly friends as an audience (e.g. Live Journal), maybe video comments will be really popular. But a more impersonal, business-like blog will remain mostly text driven.

Maybe, maybe not.

I think you also have to factor in the mobile device. I imagine in the future I’ll be able to post to seesmic or something like it directly from my mobile phone. I’ll be able to watch/listen to video and respond in kind. That’d be a lot easier than trying to type out something substantive, right? Similarly, it might be easier to listen to/view comments than try to read them.

Of course I’m always thinking first and foremost of the educational application. I think video commenting will be great for my online courses. They will help to establish community among the participants and also engender a more conversational tone. It’s also a way of responding to different learning styles and strengths. Not everyone is comfortable with writing off the cuff like this. While I am teaching professional writing and would like students to develop these skills, I also want to give them other modes of communication. Like this one.