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Introducing composition students to blogging

This is a continuation of a series of posts that constitute a draft of an essay I am writing for the Writing Spaces textbook. See part one here. I'd love to have your feedback, as always. What is a blog? Or better, what is your blog? This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. Typically […]

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on blogging and becoming a better writer

Part of a series of blog posts that will become an essay I am writing for the forthcoming Writing Spaces textbook. Over the last 15 years or so, I've taught first-year writing courses at five different colleges (including my time in grad school). In my experience, one always sees a range of academic writing performance. […]

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Why blog? on the rhetoric of social media

I am contributing an essay on blogging for the Writing Spaces collections being put together by Charlie Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky. As part of my proposal I suggested the following My intention is to present the essay as a series of blog posts. Since Personal Loan For Cash Salary the collection will be available through […]