on the value of academic blogging

I've run across some discussion of blowback from academics regarding blogging, for example, here on Tim's blog and here on Scu's.  The criticism, or often just more an attack, on blogging seems to focus on the idea that blogs can't possibly have intellectual value because the posts are too short or written too quickly or aren't... Continue Reading →

Why blog? on the rhetoric of social media

I am contributing an essay on blogging for the Writing Spaces collections being put together by Charlie Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky. As part of my proposal I suggested the followingMy intention is to present the essay as a series of blog posts. SincePersonal Loan For Cash Salary the collection will be available through a Creative... Continue Reading →

why blogging is hard

A  couple weeks back, Will Richardson mused on the continuing challenges of blogging, even after 3000+ posts and an estimated million words. I'm not there yet (600+ posts and an est. 400,000+ words), but I understand where he's coming from. As you probably know, Will spends a lot of time working with teachers. He visited... Continue Reading →

Blogging teleology

Some conversation around with Collin, Derek, and Jenny about what to do with this blog thing. Clearly there are many more options for user-generated content than there were when I started this 578 posts ago. There's the minimalist microblog and status update. Video. The various social networks. Some are more time intensive, others less. I... Continue Reading →

shaking free of computing woes!

I hope to be getting back to blogging after a week of vacation followed by a series of annoying computing woes. First my router went down at home. Then I went to school to discover that the College has been messing with the email. Apparently on August 12th they decided to stop POP and IMAP... Continue Reading →

trackback spam

I've temporarily removed the listing of trackbacks from my site as my trackback function was spammed by multiple rape porn links. I know that I can do IP comment banning. I wonder if I can do the same with trackbacks? I'm hoping the Typepad folks will have an answer for me. Have others experienced this?


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