30 years on…

30 years ago, I was an undergrad and just starting a job working for a start-up, family business in the nascent IBM PC clone market. We assembled computers and sold them on to retails. We distributed hard drives and other components. We consulted with small businesses to provide them with IT solutions for point-of-sale, inventory... Continue Reading →

humanities, universities and sustainability

It's that time of year, when enrollments have been counted and academic job postings have begun to appear, that those in the humanities--though certainly not only the humanities--turn their minds to uncertain future. A recent article inĀ Inside Higher Ed carries on this tradition, comparing the shrinking tenure-track job market to job losses in the Rust... Continue Reading →

Reflections on serving as a WPA

I have served as the director of composition at UB for seven years. Technically I'm still director for another month, but at this point, I'm basically done. In a way it was a strange job for me to do because I have always been and remain something of an abolitionist in relation to FYC, though... Continue Reading →

teaching for democracy in first-year composition

Asao Inoue has a thoughtful post hereĀ revisiting James Berlin and the idea of composition as instruction in democratic citizenship. Undoubtedly there is a deep connection to classical rhetoric in this connection, though Berlin revitalized that link for the postmodern era. Like Inoue, I was also strongly affected by Berlin as a grad student in the... Continue Reading →


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