teaching for democracy in first-year composition

Asao Inoue has a thoughtful post here revisiting James Berlin and the idea of composition as instruction in democratic citizenship. Undoubtedly there is a deep connection to classical rhetoric in this connection, though Berlin revitalized that link for the postmodern era. Like Inoue, I was also strongly affected by Berlin as a grad student in the... Continue Reading →

populating threshold concepts in writing studies

In our Teaching Practicum, we're reading Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies. If you aren't familiar with it, it's an interesting texts with many contributors that seeks to identify some of the threshold concepts of our discipline where "threshold concepts" have some specific, though unsurprising, characteristics: Learning them is generally transformative, involving “an ontological... Continue Reading →

the cognitive-media ecologies of graduate curriculum

I seem to have developed a recent preference for the term "cognitive-media ecology." It's not a term one finds readily bandied about, but it references a familiar concept or at least an intersection of two familiar concepts: media ecology and cognitive ecology. Though they are separate fields with the latter including a more constellation of empirical... Continue Reading →


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