4C’s and the rhet/comp slasher

This is not the working title for my academic murder mystery, so feel free to take it if you like. No. It's about a growing conversation over the role of rhetoric in composition studies, and the emergence--at least as perceived by some--of 4Cs as a composition studies conference and not (or at least less so) a rhetoric... Continue Reading →

Reflections on serving as a WPA

I have served as the director of composition at UB for seven years. Technically I'm still director for another month, but at this point, I'm basically done. In a way it was a strange job for me to do because I have always been and remain something of an abolitionist in relation to FYC, though... Continue Reading →

tolerance in the late age of deliberation

I started this post about a month ago. Unsurprisingly, concerns with in/tolerance have not subsided. It was just two weeks ago that the shooting of Republicans during a baseball practice inspired a response that political rhetoric needed to change. As you probably recall, at the time Trump said "We may have our differences, but we... Continue Reading →

teaching for democracy in first-year composition

Asao Inoue has a thoughtful post here revisiting James Berlin and the idea of composition as instruction in democratic citizenship. Undoubtedly there is a deep connection to classical rhetoric in this connection, though Berlin revitalized that link for the postmodern era. Like Inoue, I was also strongly affected by Berlin as a grad student in the... Continue Reading →


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