rhetoric of podcasts, podcasts of rhetoric

One of the very best things about no longer running the composition program is having the time and mental space to get back to digital rhetoric in a more practical and compositional way. This has got me thinking, in this post, about podcasting in terms of its various rhetorical structures but mostly about the kinds... Continue Reading →

humanities, universities and sustainability

It's that time of year, when enrollments have been counted and academic job postings have begun to appear, that those in the humanities--though certainly not only the humanities--turn their minds to uncertain future. A recent article in Inside Higher Ed carries on this tradition, comparing the shrinking tenure-track job market to job losses in the Rust... Continue Reading →

professional writing's invention curriculum

As I've written here in the past, professional writing strikes me as an odd hybrid of liberal arts and professional curricula. Clearly there are many people for whom writing is a profession and/or for whom writing is the primary activity of their professional life--particularly if we define writing broadly in terms of networked composition. And... Continue Reading →

web identity project

Students in my Writing in the Digital Age professional writing course recently completed a web identity program (assignment). I don't often write about class assignments, but this one went off pretty well so I thought I'd share. Basically the idea is that most of my students have a fairly limited experience with creating online identities.... Continue Reading →


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