"this will revolutionize education"

I picked up on this from Nick Carbone here. It's a video by physics educator Derek Muller (who I think I've written about before here but I can't seem to find it if I did). ¬†Here's actually two videos. The share a common there. The first deals with the long history of claims that various... Continue Reading →

MOOC Roundtable #4C14

Sadly illness precluded my attendance. Not to bore you with the details, but this semester has been quite taxing with the work of general education and such. In any case, here is what I would have said. It's taken in part from my chapter in Invasion of the MOOCs, so I invite you to go... Continue Reading →

Invasion of the MOOCs arrives

I'm in an essay collection that is now available from Parlor Press,¬†Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promises and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses, edited by Steven Krause and Charlie Lowe. Quick Loot Payday Loan From the website: Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promise and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses is one of the... Continue Reading →

upcoming MOOC roundtable

I'm participating on a roundtable on MOOCs at the 4Cs conference in a couple weeks. It's one of those experiences that shows the temporal disconnect between the churn of technological innovation and the stately pace of academic discourse. We proposed this roundtable nearly a year ago, and I think the things we would have wanted... Continue Reading →

being open-minded on the future of MOOCs

I was having a conversation the other day about general education, and we were talking about the desire for students to become responsible and open-minded people. Sure. Why not? Of course, we wouldn't want to suggest that students arrive as irresponsible and close-minded, so maybe what we mean is some advancement along the line to... Continue Reading →

speculative rhetoric and the mooc

These are my two areas of interest. Well, "mooc" is really a stand-in for the more nebulous issues of digital literacy, pedagogy, and scholarship (a constellation of issues some might want to call "digital humanities"); moocs are the main way we want to talk about such things these days. Speculative rhetoric is the term I... Continue Reading →

on writing massively for #moocmooc

I'm lightly participating in Hybrid Pedagogy's moocMOOC today, so this is in part about that but mostly about the familiar MOOC conversation about the scalability of writing instruction. As a WPA with 80+ instructors and 2500 students per semester, I think we are already engaged in a massive instructional project that scales quite well. It... Continue Reading →


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