the humanities' dead letter office

Adeline Koh writes "a letter to the humanities" reminding them that DH will not save the humanities (a subject I've touched on at least once). Of course I agree, as I agree with her assertion that we "not limit the history of the digital humanities to humanities computing as a single origin point." Even the... Continue Reading →

literary studies, modesty, and a second empiricism

Perhaps you were like me and didn't catch this Chronicle piece last month when it was published in the run-up to MLA where Jeffrey Williams touts the "New Modesty in Literary Criticism." What is this new modesty? Williams suggests that Literary critics have become more subdued, adopting methods with less grand speculation, more empirical study, and more... Continue Reading →

Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities: a new essay collection

Fresh off the presses, Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities, edited by Jim Ridolfo and William Hart-Davidson, from University of Chicago Press (AMZN). Here's the abstract to my contribution, "Digital Humanities Now and the Possibilities of a Speculative Digital Rhetoric." This chapter examines connections between big data digital humanities projects (the Digital Humanities Now project in particular),... Continue Reading →

when the future isn't like the past

A group of scholars respond to MLA's proposal regarding doctoral education in Inside Higher Ed, another group propose to replace MLA's executive director with a triumvirate who will focus on the problems of adjunctification, on Huffington Post, a university president write in defense of a liberal arts education: these are all different slices of a larger issue. On... Continue Reading →

MLA, doctoral education, and the benefits of hindsight

The MLA has released a task force report on "Doctoral Study in Modern Language and Literature." Primarily it recommends engaging with technology how many payday loans in a year washington state reducing time to degree rethinking the dissertation (see the bullet point above) emphasizing teaching validating "diverse career outcomes" (my personal favorite) Not coincidentally, my... Continue Reading →

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