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Web 2.0 and related applications in teaching

Now following on the prior post in a more practical vein. Here’s a list of web 2.0 things I have used and/or will be using, with brief annotation.

So here are things I have used.

  • Typepad for personal and course blogs
  • Blogger for free personal student blogs
  • PBwiki and Wikispaces for course wikis
  • Delicious for sharing links with classes
  • iTunesU for sharing secure media
  • YouTube and Google Video for more open sharing of video
  • Second Life for real-time group activities and exploration

Here’s what I’m planning on adopting this year

  • Ning to build community between courses
  • Microblogging–not sure which app yet. Probably twitter.
  • Seesmic–this will depend on the availability of web cams for students, though you can buy one for $30.

Spaces on the sidelines

  • Facebook: I added the Courses app. I have friended students in the past. I will converse with students there if they initiate it. However I don’t want to invade their space here.
  • Flickr: I just haven’t done much with sharing photos in my courses.
  • Slideshare: this seems like a good option, so it’s on my mind.
  • Skype: thinking about this for office hours as an option. I usually use IM.

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