The goal of this presentation is to convince your classmates to seek a solution to a technical or procedural problem in campus or in the local community. You have five minutes to sell them on your idea. In selecting your topic, you should keep in mind the following:

  • the constraint of five minutes means the problem shouldn’t be too complicated;
  • the problem should be something that you care about because if you don’t few others will;
  • at the same time the problem also needs to be relevant to your audience and not just you;
  • while you don’t need to have a solution in hand, you need to select a problem for which you and your classmates might discover and propose a reasonable solution in the next few weeks.


Your presentation will

  • will be 5-6 minutes in length. I will alert you when you pass the five minute mark. Going beyond six minutes will reduce your grade.
  • include a minimum of 10 slides. You may have more if you choose. You may also choose to employ other presentation elements, but you are not required to do so.


The first and often most challenging step is identifying a topic that meets the criteria above. Once you have done that, we will do the following.

  1. Develop the message. In five minutes you need to describe the problem but also inspire your audience to want to work to solve it. Part of this challenge is telling a story rather than presenting a series of logically structured but otherwise unrelated pieces of information.
  2. Design a visual story. At the same time as you develop the spoken message, you will also design your slides and the story they tell.
  3. Practice your delivery. You should practice your presentation multiple times and then consider revising the message or visual story.


  • Clearly delivered and well-paced presentation
  • Effectively designed slides
  • Convincing message (well-organized, solvable problem, tells a story, presents evidence)

Image Credits: Official White House photo by Pete Souza

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