Multimedia Proposal


The class will select six issues from the presentations and work in groups of four to produce multimedia proposals that offer a solution to the identified problem. The proposal will be cross-platform and address multiple audiences. First, the proposal should be directed to whomever is positioned to take the recommended action. For an on-campus problem that would probably be some university office. Second, the proposal should also reach out to a larger audience of individuals affected by this problem. On campus that might mean other students (and maybe UB employees too). In the community that might mean residents of a particular part of a town or city or a larger population.

As such, the proposal will include a web component that might address the larger audience (and include a variety of media) and a text/pdf document that would constitute a formal proposal to those who can take action.


Both components need to include the following information but would do so in different ways:

  • a description of the problem
  • primary and secondary research as applicable (to provide evidence about the problem and support the proposed solution)
  • a description of the solution
  • a process for how the solution might be deployed
  • consideration of the costs (in labor and dollars) of the proposed action

The website might also include means by which community members can get involved and stay informed (e.g. a Facebook group page or Twitter account).


Criteria will be established by the class.

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