Summary is a user-generated content website devoted to providing instructions on topics from recipes to robotics. You will create your own “instructable” set of instructions for any process or subject that interests you (though you must meet the requirements laid out below).


Your instructable must meet the following requirements:

  • have a minimum of four steps;
  • each step must include both text and some other media element (e.g. photo, drawing, chart, video, etc.);
  • take at least 10 minutes of activity for an experienced person to complete (i.e., not including passive time waiting for baking, drying, etc.);
  • and be testable by someone you know (see below).

In addition to creating the instructions, you will also test your instructions by finding someone to try them out. You must document this user test though you can use whatever method you think most appropriate to do so (e.g. filming, photos, and/or note-taking). You will then write a brief memo on your usability test, nothing any issues and describing your plans to address them.


  1. You will identify an appropriate topic and write a brief message to me describing your idea, the materials you will require, and your plans for documenting the instructions. You’re responsible for providing the materials, so please keep that in mind when you do this project.
  2. Write out the text instructions and steps. You might want to do this while you’re running through the process.
  3. Carry out the process and be sure to document it as thoroughly as possible. The more pictures and/or video you take the better.
  4. Put them together on the instructables website and edit it for design purposes.
  5. Do the usability test and write the memo.
  6. Revise the instructable before the draft due date.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Clear, usable instructions
  • Helpful documentation in photo, video, and related non-text formats
  • Thorough usability testing
  • Well-edited prose

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