Infographics are a regular feature of our lives from print, cable, and online journalism and academic research to corporate marketing materials. Infographics can describe social issues, represent history, convey scientific information and so on. Your assignment is to select a topic and create an infographic for it.


In class we will discuss what makes an infographic different from a chart, graph, image or other visual element. They are so varied that it is hard to give a simple definition but basically infographics tend to be more complex than these other kinds of visualizations. They usually include a fair amount of text along with images and graphics.


Once you have identified a workable topic for your infographic, you’ll also need to select a tool you want to use. If you have access to something like Photoshop, maybe you’ll want to use that, but as we will discuss there are many tools online specifically for creating infographics and most are free or have a free version. You will likely want to sketch your infographic on paper before moving to the screen. You can also draft your text and collect images for use.


Clear presentation of the selected topic

Effective use of images and graphics

Overall design of infographic

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