Part Two: Making a Move on Ontology

Here are links to parts one and three of this essay. Instead the purportedly “big” new materialist rhetoric is instead tiny, minimal even. Rhetoric is not so huge as to cover civilization. It does not take over after psychology explains coming to salience. I don’t believe there is a “realm of rhetoric,” neither in consciousness... Continue Reading →

carving cognition at its joints

I've started reading Katherine Hayles' Unthought: The Power of the Cognitive Nonconscious. I have to say that I recognize (and am sympathetic toward) the difficult gyrations this topic demands in the humanities as one is called upon the establish various boundaries. In the first chapter, she creates a three-step pyramid comprised by (from top to bottom) conscious/unconscious... Continue Reading →

planning for future miseries

I've been reading Adam Greenfield's Radical Technologies as I'm teaching it this week, but watching Bourdain's Parts Unknown episode this weekend about Pittsburgh also has me thinking along Greenfield's concerns.  I selected a post title that sounds like it might be the name of a lost album recorded by The Smiths because I couldn’t help developing an affective orientation toward Greenfield that... Continue Reading →

(not) being a gun-man

One of the more well-known/cited passages of Latour's work is on the subject of gun control and the quip "guns don't kill people; people kill people." In recognizable Latourian fashion, he argues that agency (and responsibility) arises across a network of actants. This is not an argument about legal responsibility, which is a different "mode of existence"... Continue Reading →

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