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Video and the teacher continued

Inside HigherEd has picked up on the YouTube story I mentioned earlier with students videoing teachers and publishing them on the web. A couple of interesting points to pick up on, mostly from the comments that follow the article. The article notes Among the issues being raised [on my Blog and Yellow Dog] are whether […]

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the video and the teacher

Jeff and Spencer both write about this phenomena of students posting videos of their teachers/professors on YouTube. Here’s one example titled "screaming teacher." I’ll go as far as to provide a link but I don’t want to reproduce it here. As much as I find this scene unfortunate, anyone can have a bad moment; this […]

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number games, reputation economies, and Aristotle (of all people)

Danah Boyd posts on Many-to-Many about the “number games” that often drive online participation. As she and the commenters on her post point out, one’s numerical identity whether it be a character’s level in Worlds of Warcraft or number of MySpace friends or hits on a blog or rating on eBay or whatever, surely drives […]

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Long on tail, short on students

I’ve just finished Chris Anderson’s Long Tail. It’s a quick read and an interesting book, though you can certainly get the main point by reading his Wired article and the many discussions of it around the web. However I do have a couple comments to make about the book. First, Anderson begins the book by […]


Real life data mining: wireless confessions

Well I actually thought the summer would be a time that it would be easier for me to write here, but that’s obviously not proven to be the case. We’re moving (not far, just 30 minutes or so up the road) and that’s proven to be a massive time suck as you might imagine. However […]