personal learning environments and autopoiesis

In case you don't know, the personal learning environment (or PLE) is the latest conceptual iteration of online learning, a replacement for the LMS or CMS (Learning or Course Management System). The notion of a "personal environment" is a little strange, is it not? In this context, personal would seem to mean individualized or customized... Continue Reading →

from immaterial labor to immaterial profits

Slate reports on the continuing troubles with monetizing even the most successful social media apps like YouTube and Facebook. Basically, these sites have banked their profitability on the possibility of ad revenue. But even though many people visit YouTube, for instance, advertisers are reluctant to associate their brands with random. low-budget, often poor taste content.... Continue Reading →

microblog compositions

Following up on my earlier post on microblogging, I saw a thread on the TechRhet listserv regarding this subject: essentially how might one use Twitter in the writing classroom? The general consensus in the thread was that there was a potential to teach concision in the 140 character limitation of the tweet. There was also... Continue Reading →

disqus and seesmic

So I am trying an experiment right now making use of these two applications. It should now be possible for y'all to leave video comments on this blog. Now I don't know if you want to, but I thought it might be cool. If it works I'll probably try to integrate this into my online... Continue Reading →

One more on suburbia: Walk Score 18.

Found this amusing Google mash-up following CogDog's tweets, Walk Score. It searches for business, schools, libraries, etc within walking distance of any address and then hands a score on a scale from 1-100.Personal Loan Arizona My score? 18, which equals Driving Only. Well, you can actually walk to the Wal-Mart superstore from here, which has... Continue Reading →

A Second Education

Yes, I know. There's been a lot of hype about Second Life. I am skeptical as well. I know there are some folks who never metaverse they didn't like (cue rim shot). I find myself in a situation much like I did (and still somewhat do) with podcasting and video. That is, what does it... Continue Reading →

virtually working or working virtually

I just finished reading Play Money, Julian Dibbell's account of his time spent doing Real Money Trading in Ultima Online. It's a quick read and interesting text that combines his personal experiences and thoughts are combined with a good discussion of a variety of intellectual foundations: economics, ludology, computer science, and so on. I'm looking... Continue Reading →

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