the godless recall 9/11

Last weekend professional writing had it's fall trip to Raquette Lake. We had a great time, as usual. We also had our regular Saturday night reading. This time, however, I recorded the reading. Here's my performance, and I hope more will follow (assuming others will give me the OK).personal loan in bhilwara The Godless Recall... Continue Reading →

Cortland's Literary magazines

The students of the Cortland Writers Association will be releasing copies of our two literary magazines, Transition and She Said, She Said. It's always a fair amount of work to get done, and I'm always wondering if it will get done on time, but somehow it always works out. This year, like last year, the... Continue Reading →

affect and childhood games

If you have young children like mine, you might be familiar with a game called Whoonu. It's a simple game about your favorite things. There's a big stack of cards, and each card lists some thing or activity. In the game, you take six cards and then pick a couple that you think would be... Continue Reading →

no time like the present

Wired has a interesting article on physics outsider Peter Lynds, whose work extends on Einstein's in contending that time does not exist as such. As the articles suggests, in this theory, "a fundamental indeterminacy connects the blurry probabilities of the quantum universe with the seemingly stable macroverse where you and I live." Of course, for... Continue Reading →

idyll winter engine: retreat to RL

Came back from our annual winter writers' retreat to Raquette Lake (RL). RL is in the Adirondack Park (upstate NY) between Old Forge and Blue Mountain, about three hours from SUNY Cortland and, as it happens, not far from my family's homestead in Speculator NY, where I spent many a summer as kid. My playful... Continue Reading →

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