presenting on Second Life

On Friday, I'll be presenting with a number of colleagues on our campus' adventures into Second Life. Last year I wrote a small campus grant that funded the initial purchase of the island and a few other things. Information Resources came through with the money for the monthly fee. And so we began. My colleagues... Continue Reading →

Ludo-capitalism and metanomics

Julian Dibbell gave a talk last month in Second Life on the subject of ludo-capitalism. It's a concept that arose in this last book, Play Money, a memoir on Dibbell's experiences in making a living selling virtual goods (like gold pieces in online video games). (See his recent NY Times article on this subject.) Apparently,... Continue Reading →

Island life begins

Here I am on our newly acquired Second Life island, so island life begins for SUNY Cortland. Fortunately, I have colleagues in Information Resources who have some experience with building, b/c I know nada. However I am hoping that I'll get a little experience in the next couple weeks. So what will we be doing... Continue Reading →

transmedia pedagogy

Transmedia storytelling is one of the key characteristics of convergence culture as Henry Jenkins explores it.  The concept is likely familiar, even if the term is not. In it's most common and often lame incarnation it is the movie novelization, the cheap plastic junk with the kids' McLunch, the video game, etc. I suppose we... Continue Reading →

From Second Life to Metaverse

In Technology Review, Wade Roush offers an article on the intersection of Second Life-type virtual worlds and Google Earth-type "mirror worlds" that examines the potential future of such a mash-up combined with mobile networks. It seems likely that these technologies will combine: mobile networks and devices highly detailed 3-D maps of the real world geo-tagged,... Continue Reading →

Why does Second Life look so much like Real Life?

This is a recurring question on the Second Life educators' discussion list. The question arises in relation to issues of both avatar construction and island/space design and use. Why should an avatar look like a real person (albeit usually an impossibly beautiful person)? Should professors in SL be professional attired, wearing what the might in... Continue Reading →

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