social media and app-driven identity

The Chronicle offers a review of a recent book by Howard Gardner and Katie Davis, The App Generation, which "puts forward a new framework for thinking about young people's changing experience of intimacy, identity, and creativity. The change that cuts across all those areas is a heightened 'risk aversion' among modern kids, who, as Mr. Gardner puts it,... Continue Reading →

strategies fo develop the digital humanities

I've been thinking more generally about the digital humanities and how one might go about developing them on a campus. In particular, I was thinking about the familiar formula of innovators, early adopters, early majority, and late majority that Gladwell employs. The digital humanities represents a constellation of technologies and practices that are iterative. As such,... Continue Reading →

your future (career) on digital humanities

Steve Krause has a good post on the challenges of integrating technology and discusses this humorous video from the University of Denver.instant online cash loans for bad credit So I want to play off some this material. Krause suggests "If teachers aren’t willing or aren’t able to really rethink the way that technologies can transform... Continue Reading →

the horizon of "digital literacy"

As happens around the time of year, EDUCAUSE and the New Media Consortium have published their annual Horizon Report. By now, you are likely familiar with its methodology of identify six technologies "on the horizon" of adoption in higher education across three time periods: one year or less; two-three years; four-five years. This year's winners... Continue Reading →

On the Horizon article available via Connexions

My recent article from the journal On the Horizon, "Miscellanea U: Post-Disciplinary Networks in Social Media," is available for download from Connexions. Thanks to the editor, Michael Feldstein, for setting this up. Writing for this journal was a new experience for me as the intended readers are information technology administrators and educational technology company executives.... Continue Reading →

Compositonal computation

So I will be doing my thing at CCCC. I believe I have the honor of being in the final session. I signed off to make my presentation more accessible, but the only way my presentation is going to be accessible to anyone at that time is if I do it in the airport terminal.... Continue Reading →

2012 composition

So I'm tapping away on my iPhone to see if I can have the will to publish something substantive this way. I suppose it's like any interface. It requires practice. And yet there would seem to be physical constraints as well: fat thumbs.guaranteed cash loans But I digress. Perhaps this is the compositional mode of... Continue Reading →

iPhone musings

I've been carrying around the new iPhone for about 2.5 weeks now. So here's what I have and haven't done with it. I have used it to stay in connection with my online summer course. Since the course is only five weeks (ending today), it's been fairly intense. Being able to keep up with what's... Continue Reading →

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