open skyrim: reading text objects

My kids and I have been playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this break. If you aren't familiar, it's a fantasy role-playing style game. In this post, it's an object and opportunity for discussing the operation of reading from an object-oriented perspective. To provide some brief context, I approach speculative realism and object-oriented ontology by departing from... Continue Reading →

Gaming and the Horizon Report

The 2011 Horizon Report is out today and once again, games are on it. Not for nothing, but here's the history of gaming in the Horizon Report: 2004: Educational Gaming 2-3 year window  2005: Educational Gaming 2-3 year window 2006: Educational Gaming 2-3 year window (tick, tick, tick) 2007: Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming 4-5 year window (hmmmm) 2008:... Continue Reading →

forget gaming #hgi

Extending on the notion of haunting in the prior post, I was thinking about the issues of anamnesis and hypomnesis as they pertain to digital media, but more specifically to gaming. I think these are concepts that are fairly easy to connect to databases and digital preservation/access, but what about games, either digitally or in... Continue Reading →

the agent of play, #hgi

AKA, don't hate the player; hate the game.In the context of the humanities gaming institute, I suppose it is unavoidable that one would ask questions such as "what is a game?" and "what is play?" I am sure such questions can be productively addressed in the context of serious game development. That is, I am... Continue Reading →

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