rhet/comp ink

Smart Mobs reports on a new chip development that will boost Internet access speeds to 640 gb/s. That's more than 30 times my current download speed through fiber and something like 100 times the typical high speed connection. The article suggests this will be available in about five years and that this speed is roughly... Continue Reading →

Branding first-year composition?

So there's an ongoing conversation in the WPA list about branding first-year composition. In part it's the Rodney Dangerfield thing, but it's also about protecting ourselves from external forces trying to take over our work and/or dictate to us. The problem, in some ways, as I wrote earlier, is that we've got around 75,000 people... Continue Reading →

more thoughts on rhet/comp disciplinary futures

More riffing on Kopelson's CCC article. She notes from her study that "graduate student responses seem to suggest that it is what Janice Lauer has called the 'spaciousness of rhetoric' that can provide an ideal designation for all of what we (could) do, an appellation around which an array of disciplinary inquires and pursuits might... Continue Reading →

digital digs goes mobile

Spurred on by my own recent acquisition of an iphone, I've created a mobile version of Digital Digs (digitaldigs.mofuse.mobi) Now I just have to figure out how to detect devices and redirect folks there. There are a number of javascript options, but I don't have time right now to play with all that.

pedagogy of rhet/comp job market imperatives

Following on Derek's call for a carnival discussion of "Sp(l)itting Images; or, Back to the Future of (Rhetoric and?) Composition" by Karen Kopelson in the latest CCC. The article extends the conversation over the pressures in the field to bend research toward pedagogic applications, particularly in relation to dissertation projects.Fema Emergency Loan I haven't had... Continue Reading →

don't make college cheaper; make it more valuable

I've been really behind the eight-ball past couple weeks and I missed this article by Vance Fried in Inside HigherEd. Essentially he is suggesting an entrepreneurial model for developing high-quality low-cost 4-year degrees for cost-conscious students attending moderately selective institutions. The basics of the model are a compression of the curriculum and major offerings, increasing... Continue Reading →

Writing from my iphone

So yes, I just got my iPhone today and downloaded the Typepad app. It's pretty cool I must say. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll do from here. But thank god for error correction! best personal loan available#plaa{display:none;visibility:hidden;}

wither scholarship revisted

I haven't had much time to write here of late. I have been very busy with my students on my digital age ning site. Right now I'm running a cyberpunk literature grad course there. And we've stumbled into a conversation of interest here I think. It began with reading Hayles essay on flickering signifiers, an... Continue Reading →


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